I am a 28 year old young professional. I enjoy the little things in life and the finer things in life (Ketogenic diet, cheese, chicken wings and wine!). I have a Lhasa Apsos X, a kitty and a Diamond Dove and a lovely, patient and wonderful partner in life who I get to marry on April 29, 2017. Currently residing in Milton, Ontario, I’m a little bit away from my family and friends. I thought blogging could be a fun way to use up some of the time spent on my own.  I hope to be a little adventurous and go a bit outside of my comfort zone by visiting, blogging about and reviewing different restaurants, items, wine, and also blogging my Ketogenic experiences. Please feel free to share your experiences with me, and share any tips and tricks to keep me on track with my eating.  Progress, not perfection! ❤