ISO: Tips on how to beat a keto weightloss stall!

IMG_6639.JPGFriends, while I totally love my initial results from the keto diet (15lbs down, 9 inches down in the first 4-5 weeks) I’ve now hit a stall for the last 3 weeks, no budges on the scale or in inches. I still feel like I’m in ketosis, and my food intake has not been terrible. I mean, this passed long weekend was a bit rough with all the get togethers and eating out…. but I never cheated, just ate and drank more than usual!

One weakness of mine is those dang Russell Stovers no sugar added chocolates… I don’t eat them in excess, and I never eat more than 1-3 a day. Going to eliminate those treats for a while to see if that makes a difference.

Any tips or tricks you all have in mind for me? You’re welcome to check me Out on MyFitnessPal account: Lissyvonzip to send positive criticism my way. Any help is appreciated. Only 2 months until my wedding – and I’m a little scared to try on my {too small} dress again. I’m ready to drop it {aka my weight} like its hot!!!

@CanadianKetoGirl xo


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