Progress, Not Perfection.

I’ve lost 15lbs and 9 inches overall.

I started my Keto journey on Monday, January 2nd, 2017 and had only ONE intentional slip up… My damn sister-in-laws baking is WAY too hard to deny…

I am so proud of myself in honesty for making it this far! I never stick to ‘diets’, but keto is a way of eating, a way of life and I feel so much better, healthier and more awake since eating this way.  I don’t want to break my ketosis.  I bring my own shareable snacks to parties, I bring my own food to dinners at friend’s houses (or a side that I know I can eat to share with all), and I make very educated decisions on food at restaurants.  But mostly, I have so much more energy.  I have so much will-power (like, where the F*** did that come from??).  The weight barely seems to budge from day to day on the scale, but my weekly measurements keep shrinking and keep me motivated.  I anticipate a WHOOSH soon!

Day one – Jan. 2nd –  I weighed 199 pounds, I had a waist measurement of 37 inches, a hip measurement of 47 inches and my neck is 14 inches.

Day 47 – Feb. 17th – I weighed 185 pounds, waist: 31 inches, hips: 44 inches and neck remained the same!


Basically can’t wait to weigh in and measure tomorrow again!

– @KetoInCanada


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